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ST-11A PN Conductivity Type Tester
ST-11A PN Conductivity Type Tester
ST-11A PN Conductivity Type Tester
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 I. Structural features                                                       

ST-11A rectification method PN type discriminator
ST-11A rectification method to test PN type of silicon wafer


 II Overview                                                                      

ST-11 PN type identification instrument is an instrument that uses the principle of rectification method to identify the conductive type of semiconductors, and also has the function of testing heavy doping.

Complete set of instrument: the instrument is composed of the host, probe and other parts. The conductive type P or N is displayed by the digital tube, and whether it is heavily doped is prompted by the luminous tube and buzzer.

Advantages and features: the key components of the instrument are special integrated circuits and high-quality chip mounting technology. The instrument has the characteristics of wide identification range, high sensitivity, good stability, easy use, etc. There are four types of probes, which can be selected as required. The probe is plug in for easy replacement. This instrument is suitable for semiconductor material factories, semiconductor device factories, scientific research institutions, universities and other occasions for PN type identification and heavy doping discrimination of semiconductor materials.

 III. Technical Parameters                                                           

1. PN identification scope: ρ= 0.01~10000 Ω-cm

Judgment limit of heavy mixing: ρ= 0.01 ~ 0.2 Ω - cm adjustable (initial setting is 0.1 Ω - cm)

2. Measurable semiconductor material size:

PN identification: accessible surface Smin=3mm * 5mm

Judgment of re mixing: contactable surface Smin=3mm * 5mm (three needle probe or clamp)

Smin=3mm * 3mm (two needle probe or clamp)

Smin=2mm * 2mm (single probe)

3. Probe parameters:

⑴ Probe spacing: 1.8mm

(2) Probe type: three pin, two pin, single pin, clamp

4. Working power supply: 220V ± 10%(110V±10%), f=50Hz ± 4%(60Hz±4%), PW ≤ 5W

5. Overall dimension: W × H × L=28cm × 13cm × 23cm

Net weight: ≤ 2kg

 IV. Contact Information                                                   

Sales Manager: Grace Zheng



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