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SZT-I type parallel four knife method thin film square knife resistance tester
SZT-I type parallel four knife method thin film square knife resistance tester
SZT-I parallel four tool test bench
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 I. Overview of functional and structural features         

SZT-I film square knife resistance type test bench

Basic functions: SZT-I thin film square resistance knife shaped test bench, with four parallel knife shaped test electrodes, equipped with a four probe instrument, is used to test the square resistance of flexible semiconductor films or metal coating films.

Basic composition: the complete set of test bench is composed of four parallel knife type test electrodes, test bench, instrument connecting cables, etc.

Matching and compatibility: This test bench is compatible with all four probe instruments of our company. The main models in the following table can also be compatible with four probe instruments from most other manufacturers.

 II. Main Technical Parameters and Description            

1. Special for square resistance test of flexible film.

2. The measurable size is 5~100mm wide, the voltage knife pitch is 100mm, and the current knife pitch is 130mm.

3.  Phosphorus copper probe, good and reliable contact.

4. The probe knife can be quickly disassembled and replaced, which is convenient for the production line to use frequently.

 III. Contact Information                                                  

Sales Manager: Grace Zheng



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