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SZT-H Metal Mass Resistivity Test Bench
SZT-H Metal Mass Resistivity Test Bench
SZT-H type test bench, metal mass resistivity test bench
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 I. Overview of functional and structural features         

SZT-H Metal Mass Resistivity Test Bench

SZT-H connection ST2258C instrument test

Basic functions: SZT-H metal mass resistivity test bench is equipped with four probe instrument to form a complete set of test system. It is a professional multi-purpose comprehensive measuring device for measuring metal foil (mass) resistivity/square resistance using the four terminal measurement principle. (hereinafter referred to as test bench)

Basic composition: the test platform consists of test electrode group, lifting platform, support, connecting cable and other components.

Matching and compatibility: This test bench is compatible with all the desktop four probe test instruments of our company. This test bench can be compatible with most four probe resistivity/square resistance test instruments of domestic peers.

Advantages and features: SZT-H quality resistivity test bench meets the requirements of GB/T 5230-1995 for the quality resistivity test of metal foils. The test electrode is made of copper tool holder, so it is accurate in positioning, small in displacement and good in contact; The test result is directly displayed by the digital meter. The instrument has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high sensitivity, good stability, high intelligence, compact structure and simple measurement.

The instrument is applicable to the measurement of square resistance and resistivity of semiconductor or metal film materials by metal film material factories, semiconductor film material factories, rubber and plastic material factories, capacitor factories, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, etc. It is especially suitable for the occasions that require rapid measurement of medium and low square resistance and result sorting.

 II. Main Technical Parameters and Description            

Equipped with ST2258C multi-function digital four probe tester

2.1 Measuring range and resolution (determined by instruments)

(1) Square resistance test range * (take SZT-H test bench as an example)

Measuring film width: 1mm ≤ B ≤ 50mm

Basic square resistance measurement value: 1.0 × 10-6 ~200 × 103 Ω/□, resolution: 1.0 × 10-6 ~200 × 103 Ω/□。

See Fig. 2-1A for the relationship between specific film width w and measurement range.

(2) Range of resistivity test (take SZT-H test bench as an example)

(Thickness d<10mm, width w<50mm)

Basic resistivity measurement value: 1.0 × 10-6 ~ 200 × 103 Ω * cm, resolution: 1.0 × 10-6 ~ 200 × 103 Ω*cm。

See Fig. 2-1B for the relationship between specific section s and measurement range.

2.2 SZT-H test tool rest:

⑴ Voltage blade spacing: 150mm ± 0.2%, blade length: 60mm

⑵ Current blade spacing: 300mm, blade length: 60mm

⑶ Overall dimension of test bench: 360 × two hundred × 240 (long × wide × High)

 III. Contact Information                                                  

Sales Manager: Grace Zheng



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