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SZT-F1 four probe square resistance resistivity test bench for photovoltaic cells
SZT-F1 four probe square resistance resistivity test bench for photovoltaic cells
SZT-F1 test bench
Category: SZT-F1 photovoltaic cell test bench
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 I. Overview of functional and structural features         

Matching and compatibility:

The test bench is available in manual/electric models according to the power mode. This test bench can be equipped with four probe test instruments of all models of our company; It can also be compatible with most four probe resistivity/square resistance testing instruments in the domestic industry.

Connecting ST2253 with software operation    Offline operation

     Connecting ST2253 with software operation                                   Offline operation


This test bench is a special test bench to meet the production and testing requirements of photovoltaic cells. It is highly intelligent, compact, easy to operate, and has a good effect! It has the following professional characteristics:

1. Shading test.

A special light shielding cover is provided to prevent the photoelectric effect of the battery sheet caused by light irradiation from affecting the test results!

2. Simultaneous test with up to five probes.

A maximum of five probes are used to synchronously test the typical sampling points at the four corners and the center of the battery chip. Simple and fast, improve efficiency!

3. Fast constant pressure test.

The test probe pressurization mechanism is simple and fast, the pressure is stable and adjustable, and the automatic constant pressure characteristics ensure the test effect!

4. Test power electric optional!

5. It can adapt to different models of four probe square resistance/resistivity tester, including ST2258A/ST2253.

 II. Main Technical Parameters and Description            

1. Four probe test probe: test pressure 400-600g

2. Plane size of measurable battery piece: rectangular piece W × H=175mmx175mm, or Φ 175mm,

Thickness size: no adjustment ≤ 2mm, after adjustment ≤ 10mm

3. Boundary dimension: W × H × L=30cm × 25cm × 30cm

Net weight: ≤ 4.0kg

 IV. Contact Information                                                  

Sales Manager: Grace Zheng



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