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SZT-C Four Probe Fast Constant Pressure Test Bench
SZT-C Four Probe Fast Constant Pressure Test Bench
SZT-C fast constant voltage four probe test bench
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 I. Overview of functional and structural features         

SZT-C Four Probe Fast Constant Pressure Test Bench

Polished silicon wafer resistivity test Add ST2558B-F01 probe to test the film

  Add ST2253-F01 probe to test silicon materials             Add ST2558B-F01 probe to test film material

Basic functions: SZT-C four probe test bench is a tool used to clamp four point probe, connect four probe test instruments, place samples and conduct manual testing. It is a supporting measuring device (hereinafter referred to as the test bench) for the four probe method resistivity/block resistance (square resistance) instrument.

Basic composition: mainly including loading platform (180mmX180mm net load area), dual rail vertical guide unit, test pressure regulating unit, probe quick lifting wrench (part with red sleeve on the top), probe connecting plate, etc.

Matching and compatibility: this test bench can be equipped with four probe test probes of all models of our company, including tungsten probe four probe probe (for testing hard samples) and gold plated alloy probe (for testing flexible films or coating resistors); This test bench is compatible with all four probe test instruments of our company. This test bench is equipped with the probe of our company, which can be compatible with most four probe resistivity/square resistance test instruments of domestic peers.

 II. Main Technical Parameters and Description            

Measurable semiconductor material size (probe handheld mode is not limited)

Diameter or side length: direct test mode of SZT-C test bench Φ 15-180mm, or 180mm × 180mm。

Length (or height): direct test method H ≤ 160mm for test bench, and other methods are not limited

Measuring orientation: both axial and radial

 III. Usage                                                                         

SZT-C Usage of SZT-C test bench
3.1 Place the sample: put the operating wrench on the upper part of the test bench upwards and backwards, and raise the test bench probe, as shown in Figure 2.1, place the sample on the test bench plate below the probe, and then move the upper operating spanner on the test bench forward and down Probe. As shown in Figure 2.1!
3.2 Pressure adjustment: When the probe is depressed, the nut on the middle screw of the test stand rail bracket can be adjusted according to the sample thickness and pressure requirements (first loosen the lock nut), observe the degree of probe probe depression, adjust the test pressure! (The compression amount of the spring is 0~20mm, corresponding to the probe pressure of 0~2.0K kg). After adjustment, lock the lock nut.
As shown in figure 2.2A
For the ST2253-F01 tungsten needle probe, the indentation of the probe probe is 0~4mm, corresponding to the probe pressure of 0~2.0K kg, as shown in Figure 2.2B
For the ST2558B-F01(ST2558B-F03) thin film square resistance probe, the probe probe probe retracts from 0 to 4mm, corresponding to the probe pressure of 0 to 400 grams!
As shown in Figure 2.2C 
After adjusting, release your hand, the pressure will automatically maintain.
3.3 After the measurement, raise the probe, move the sample or remove it!

 IV. Contact Information                                                  

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