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JG2511C multi function digital milliohmmeter
JG2511C multi function digital milliohmmeter
JG2511C multi function digital milliohmmeter
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 I. Structural features                                                      

JG2511C Multifunctional digital resistance tester milliohmmeter

       Figure 1.1                   Figure1.2                      Figure 1.3

Figure 1.1the JG2511C resistance testing instrument.  Figure 1.2: with computer software.

Figure 1.3: pedal inputand output control.


 II Overview                                                                      


JG2511C multi-function digital milliohmmeter is a multi-purpose comprehensive measuring device based on the four terminal measurement principle, which can measure the resistance of resistor body, low and median resistance of metal conductor, and contact resistance of switches. The instrument features:

1 The tester has the function of automatic classification of test results. If the test sample meets the requirements, there will be a sound prompt, and there will be a synchronous isolated relay signal output, which is convenient for function expansion. There are two methods for product classification: absolute value upper and lower limit method and standard value plus percentage error band method.

2 Optional PC software can be automatically or manually (pedal control mode is also available), which is convenient for saving current data to the upper computer in real time and for future classified query, especially suitable for traceability and quality control of test data on the production line. As shown in Figure 1.3.

3 All parameter settings and function conversion of the instrument are input by digital keyboard, which is convenient and reliable.

4 Automatic/manual optional range conversion.

The instrument is composed of host, four terminal test fixture and PC software. The host is mainly composed of CNC constant current source, high resolution ADC, keyboard input, display drive and embedded microcontroller system.

The instrument has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high sensitivity, good stability, high intelligence, compact structure and simple measurement.

The instrument is suitable for testing the resistance performance of resistors and switching devices in scientific research institutions and colleges and universities. It is especially suitable for occasions requiring rapid measurement of medium and low resistance and result sorting


 III. Technical Parameters                                              


1 the measurement range, resolution (in parentheses is the downward extension of 1 orders of magnitude)

Resistance:10.0×10-6 ~ 200.0×103 Ω, resolution1.0×10-6 ~ 0.1×103 Ω


             (1.0×10-6 ~ 20.00×103 Ω,    分辨率0.1×10-6 ~ 0.01×103 Ω)


2 range division and the error grade




3 dimensions: 245mm (L) x 220 mm (wide) x 95mm (high)

   Net weight: ≤ 1.5 ~ 2.0kg


 IV. Contact Information and Purchase Channel            

Sales Manager: Grace Zheng



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