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ST2643 Surface resistance volume resistivity high resistance tester
ST2643 Surface resistance volume resistivity high resistance tester
ST2643 Surface resistance volume resistivity high resistance tester
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 I. Structural features                                                      

Test Diagram of ST2643 Surface Resistance Volume Resistivity Tester

ST2643 Surface resistance volume resistivity high resistance tester

       with ST2643-F01 test insulating material             ST2643 micro current host Equipped                with ST2643-F02  test film

ST2643 surface resistance volume resistivity high resistance meter panel

 II Overview                                                                      

2.1 Basic functions and standards: ST2643 ultra-high resistance micro current tester (high resistance volume resistivity surface resistivity tester) is a multi-purpose comprehensive measuring device for measuring the volume resistivity and surface resistivity of solid sheet, thin film electrostatic conductive materials, insulating materials using the principle of ring three electrode method, and can also be used as an ultra-high resistance meter or a micro current tester. The instrument is designed in accordance with the national standard GB/T 1410-2006/IEC 60093:1980: Test Method for Volume Resistivity and Surface Resistivity of Solid Insulating Materials.

2.2 Complete set of instrument: it consists of ST2643 high resistance instrument host, standard annular three electrode, connecting cable, etc. The host is mainly composed of high voltage power supply, micro current detector and embedded microcontroller system.

2.3 Advantages:

1. The operation mode is digital. All parameter settings and function conversion are input by digital keyboard, which is simple to operate, stable in performance and long in life. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional mechanical switches such as single function, high failure rate and large volume.

2 Test process automation, voltage and current range conversion, all digital electronic switches, manual/automatic optional, to avoid the cumbersome operation of traditional mechanical switches, especially the shortcomings of automation and manual data post-processing.

3 Double window result display, digital and diversified, directly displayed by digital meter, avoids reading error of traditional analog meter. Double digital meter display, the left window displays the volume resistivity and surface resistance test results, and the right window displays the test voltage and current test conditions, as well as the setting correction factor, which is comprehensive.

4 Test the safety protection, test the high-voltage independent operation switch, test the current over-current protection, and effectively protect the safety of the instrument and the operator's misoperation.

5. It is convenient for function expansion. The film test probe can be selected to test the high resistance film, and the selected fixture can be used as the high resistance meter and micro ammeter. High resistivity liquid resistivity can also be tested.

2.4 Electrode or fixture selection: The instrument is equipped with standard annular three electrodes, which are suitable for general sheet and film samples. Customers can also prepare or customize electrodes to expand the application, such as testing resistivity and surface resistance from cylindrical surface and cylindrical inner wall, testing high resistance components, and testing micro current.

The instrument has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high sensitivity, good stability, high intelligence, compact structure and easy use.

2.5 Scope of application: The instrument is applicable to the inspection of the resistance value of anti-static products such as anti-static shoes, anti-static plastic rubber products, anti-static raised floor in computer room, and the insulation resistance measurement of insulating materials and electronic and electrical products in industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research institutes. It can also be used for weak current measurement, such as photoelectric effect and device dark current measurement.

 III. Basic Technical Parameters                                     

1. Measurement range and resolution

Resistance: 1.0 × 102~ 2.0 × 1014 Ω, resolution 0.01 × 102~ 0.01 × 1014 Ω

Resistivity: Kv × (1.0 × 102 ~ 2.0 × 1014) Ω - cm, resolution 0.01 × 103~ 0.01 × 1014 Ω - cm, K=1 ~ 1000, correction coefficient.

Block resistance: K □ × (1.0 × 102~ 2.0 × 1014) Ω/□, resolution 0.01 × 103~ 0.01 × 1014 Ω/□, K □=34.5, correction coefficient.

2. Range division and error level









resistanceΩ,ResistivityΩ-cm,Square resistanceΩ/□

Basic error







3 Working power supply: 220V (110V)± 10%, f=50Hz(60Hz) ± 4%, PW ≤ 20W

4 Overall dimension: W × H × L=32cm × 13cm × 32cm

Net weight: ≤ 3.5kg

5 Annular three electrode and measurable sample size

The electrode is composed of three independent units:

5.1 The center is a cylinder with a diameter of 50mm and a height of 40mm.

5.2 The outside of the cylinder is a circle, with an inner diameter of 60mm, an outer diameter of 80mm and a height of 40mm.

5.3 The bottom is a flat plate, the diameter is 100mm, and the thickness is generally 10mm

The measurable sample size is greater than 90mm in diameter. The thickness is less than 10mm.

 IV. Contact and purchase channels                                

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