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ST2571A-F03 Thin film square resistance rectangular four-point probe
ST2571A-F03 Thin film square resistance rectangular four-point probe
ST2571A-F03 Thin film square resistance rectangular four-point probe
Category: ST2571A-F03 Thin Film Rectangular Four-point Probe
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 I. Overview of functional and structural features         

ST2571-F03 Thin film square resistance rectangular four point probe

Basic functions: ST2571-F03 film square resistance rectangular four point probe, rectangular 2X2mm needle pitch, with spherical tip gold plated phosphor copper alloy probe, equipped with four probe instrument and test bench, is used to test the resistivity/square resistance of conductive film (ITO film) or nano coating and other semiconductor materials on flexible material conductive film, metal coating or film, ceramic or glass substrate.

Basic composition: the complete set of probes consists of removable probes, probe bases, hand-held jackets, test bench connecting units, instrument connecting cables and other components.

Matching and compatibility: This probe is compatible with all four probe instruments and four probe test benches of our company. The main models in the table below are compatible with our test benches and four probe instruments of most other manufacturers.

List of models and names of applicable products of ST2571-F03 film square resistance rectangular four probe

Test bench model name
Model and name of four probe instrument
Fast constant pressure four probe test bench
Multi functional digital four probe tester
ST2253Digital four probe tester
Double electric measuring digital four probe tester
Hand held four probe tester
Model of other manufacturers
Digital four probe tester
Digital four probe tester

 II. Main Technical Parameters and Description            

1.  It can measure sheet, block or bar. Minimum sample size 2mm × 2mm, the maximum plane size is determined by the equipped test bench, and the hand-held probe mode is not limited.

2.1 Probe spacing: rectangular 2X2mm.

2.2 Mechanical displacement rate of probe: ± 0.5%.

2.3 Probe: gold plated phosphor copper alloy, Φ 0.75mm。

2.4 Pressure: 0~500g adjustable, and the rated pressure is about 400g.

3.  The probe can be quickly disassembled and replaced, which is convenient for the production line to use frequently.

 III. Usage                                                                         

Please refer to the usage of each supporting test bench.

 IV. Contact Information and Purchase Channel             

Sales Manager: Grace Zheng



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